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Hello and welcome to The Whole Balance! My name is Ashlee Imer, the owner of The Whole Balance.

My healing space provides a safe and comforting environment located at the majestic and beautiful Glass House Mountains, with being so close to nature and away from the hustle & bustle I truly feel it has great energy for a healing environment!

My passion for healing started a few year's ago with have gone through my own self healing and continue to do so for healing and growth is always ongoing, I stumbled across progressive kinesiology, I loved everything about it , how it works, what it has to offer and everything it can do to help a person heal holistically. It tie's in with all my personal interests and attributes such as my love for crystals, sound healing, nature, animals and all the healing energies that these things can provide us!

It truly is my heart's desire to help people heal from their symptoms and to help guide them on their own healing journey. With the blend of Kinesiology, Crystal healing, Nature healing & Reiki i am able to achieve this to help other's on their own healing journey to find the encouragement, balance, health, growth and fulfilment so they can heal themselves and live their lives to their full potential!

I look forward to meeting you!

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