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Crystal Light Healing is a gentle, relaxing & powerful healing that balance’s our chakras and activates our 64 DNA light codes. Founded by Simone Matthews CLH is a mix of ancient wisdom and scientific quantum principles to empower us to understand the 8 dimensions to help earth & humanity transcend into the new cycle of evolutionary consciousness.

It helps to align the body ,mind and spirit to bring your body back into homeostasis balance of health and vitality and to embrace who we are and why we have come to earth.

By using the wisdoms from ancient civilizations and their knowledge of healing energies from specific Crystals to assist in transforming & to promote healing and overall wellbeing.


By Activating our DNA light codes it Promotes growth & awareness, the mind becomes naturally aligned with universal wisdoms  & divine oneness of love which transcends limiting thoughts and beliefs that are created by fear. 


What are DNA light codes?

In our revolution we have access to 64 DNA Light Codes. We have the potential to switch on and attune our DNA light codes to the highest level of vibration that our body can comfortably balance. By activating our 64 DNA light codes we are awakening to a higher level of consciousness and using a higher level of our DNA.

And as a result over time we begin to experience changes -  physical, emotional/mental and spiritual ways of beingness.



What is involved?

Laying of crystals over chakras whilst the client is lying down relaxing. The practitioner then works on balancing each chakra & activates the DNA light codes by using the vibrational frequencies of crystals through light, colour, sound and specific sacred geometrical patterns to activate, rebalance energies and to facilitate healing.


Potential Benefits :


Physically                         ~Increases vitality & energy                           ~Detoxification

                                           ~Improves Cellular metabolism                    ~Improves digestion, absorption

                                           ~Appetite for more healthy foods                    and assimilation of nutrients

                                           ~Increases hair& nail growth                         ~Enables full cellular health


Emotionally/Mentally     ~Improves mental clarity self love,              ~Decreases Anxiety & Stress

                                              compassion & gratitude                              ~Releases struggle & resistance,                                              ~Sense of wellbeing & love                              old issues & triggers 

                                           ~Transcends old cellular memories             ~Free from self limitations


Spiritually                         ~Living from a higher wisdom and              ~Understanding & inner knowing                                               ~Universal truth from a place of love           of universal laws

                                            ~Knowing & being your soul purpose          ~awakening & developing your



PRICE  $80  1Hour   

*Includes a Crystal Light Body Activation Healing essence to take home


Extra Info

The degree of changes can be based by ones self beliefs and willingness to change.

Some changes may be subtle and continue to integrate over many months.

Depending on the client’s situation some attunements may be done over a few sessions .

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