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Environmental Stress is an energy imbalance in your home or environment

It can be caused by Electromagnetic, Geopathic or Geopsychic stress in your home ,work/office or any other environmental space whether it is inside or outdoors. These imbalance's can be either man made or natural. Environmental stress can cause unexplained illness, relationship problems, sleeping difficulties, headaches, nightmares, discomfort or fear, sudden depression, infertility, negative behaviour, sensing a presence and strange or recurring accidents and much more!









What does a Home & Environmental balance involve?

A home and environmental balance can be carried out in your home or work environment space if it is local. This involves myself being the surrogate and self testing to find any energy imbalances/stress in your home or work space. We find out exactly where and what kind of imbalance it is and the cause of it and then we apply the corrections needed to heal that space. Some of the corrections we use are - Crystals, plants, moving particular objects, colour, sound, affirmations, mirrors and energy/protection clearing sprays.

If it is long distant your house or office plans will be required for the balance and a skype or phone call session can be organised.


PRICE $80 1 hour

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