"Your emotions and actions can reflect your pets behaviour"

With the use of progressive kinesiology we are able to find out the root cause of your pets symptoms or problems the same way we do for us humans! Whether you pet has behaviour problems, illness ,old injuries, physical problems, food sensitivities, allergies or environmental stress we can find out what supports and corrections your pet needs to return their body back to balance and harmony. 

It can be common for animals to mirror their owners behaviour emotionally and energetically, therefore it is very important that the owner is involved in their pet's balance.

Kinesiology is a very safe and gentle way to help heal and restore balance for your pet, and animals respond really well to the treatment.


What does a pet balance involve?

A pet balance can be done at our clinic for small pets, this includes the owner being the surrogate and being involved in the balance, if this does not suit your or your pet (such as horses etc.) we can arrange a pet balance with using the “vibrational energy” of your pet such as your pet's fur, collar, lead, favourite toy or blanket and myself as the surrogate.

We work towards finding the root cause of your pet's symptoms and offer priority corrections and supports that your pet's body requires to heal and restore balance again. All aspects of the body are looked at whether it is emotional, energetic, physical/structural or nutritional.

PRICE  $80  1hour


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