S U R R O G A C Y   A Surrogate is usually required for young

children, babies, animals the elderly or any person that is

unable to communicate or unable to be muscle tested on.

The surrogate can connect to the energy of a person who is

unable to be tested and allow us to communicate to their body.

The patient's energy passes through the body of the surrogate

while they maintain physical contact.


The surrogate will absorb about 20% of the energy and the remaining 80% will pass

through to the patient that is being balanced.



                                                   B A B I E S & P R E G N A N C Y  A Kinesiology Balance  can 

                                                        also be performed on babies' still in their mother's womb.

                                                        This is a great way to connect and to support your baby                                                                 while they are still in the womb, we are able to find out if                                                                            there are any healing corrections the baby needs for

                                                        support eg. emotional or chemical/nutritional supports &    



Kinesiology is also a great way to give you the support and balance you require during pregnancy!


L O N G  D I S T A N T  H E A L I N G   Is suitable if a person or animal is unable to be present for a treatment. It also can be used for Home Environment balance's. This becomes possible with the use of Vibrational Witness Testing . By using a sample of hair, fur, nappy, signature, house plans or polaroid photo we are able to test the patients energy through these items for it carries their vibrational energy.

This type of balance can be done via skype or phone call.

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