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This Amyethyst Generator has some really nice rainbow inclusions in it as well. Light in colour.


Generators draw in cosmic energy and amplify energy for healing. Great for meditation and for use in large group gatherings and healings .Generates energy to amplify health and happiness in the home. Generates energy for Mother Earth. Great for programming and cleansing chakras. Small generators can be just as powerful as the larger ones. Generators vibrate to the number 7.


Common Amethyst healing energies - Another popular crystal with many healing abilities & comes in different varieties! Known to help with purification, addiction, protection, spirituality, cleansing ones Aura & much more! Opening & activating the crown & 3rd eye chakra. Excellent for meditating.


A time link to the past (see diamond window to left) It helps one who is able to see past lives 2 to 3 generations back and perhaps more. A way of accessing past life information to use in the now. This crystal can also be used to work with the left hand side of the brain


H- 6.5cm  W-4cm

Amethyst Generator with Past time link

SKU: 100064
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