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A unique interesting blend of blue kyanite & garnet.

A nice piece to have in the home or healing space.

Message- This crystal purifys and brings purity to one's life. It also holds the earth elements for grounding!


Another amazing crystal!

Kyanite never needs cleansing for it doesn’t retain negative energies or vibrations it transmutes them to light therefore it makes the best attunement stone.

Blue Kyantie aligns all the chakras automatically, and with direction the aura bodies.

Stone of tranquillity, calming, communication, truth & psychic awareness therefore great for the throat & Third eye chakra.

Dispels anger & frustration & facilitates meditation.

Vibrates to the number 4


Garnet is known as the "stone of health" it extracts negative energy from the chakras  and transmutes the energy to a beneficial state.

Used as an ancient sacred stone, offers expansion, awareness, commitment and manifestation.

Balances the kundalini

Vibrates to the number 2


H-3cm  W-8cm


Blue Kyanite with Garnets

SKU: 100066
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