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Uniquely read message  -

This channeling crystal is for connection to the galaxy & cosmic consciousness. This crystal is connected to other planets throughout the galaxy. This special crystal is also a" super protective" crystal and assits with the protection of radiation for the planet, your home and self.

 A channelling Crystal can be used to channel wisdom, guidance & information from our higher self, the angels, guides & our masters etc. to give us guidance & answers. Great for meditation and mediums.


All Crystal products are cleansed & recharged with love & light ready to go!


H- 11cm W-6cm

Channeling Clear Quartz- B Grade

SKU: 632835642834572
  • This Crystal has many inclusions including - rainbow & devic. Even though it has a 1 or 2 minor imperfections at the top this does not mean it is any less better than an A grade crystal for crystals still hold their energetic blueprint.

    Channeling crystals are here for us to help facilitate chanelling from all beings, guides angels etc. To give us guidance & answers. Great for meditation and Mediums :) Im sure this amazing crystal will find its way to its right owner.


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