This is a very special crystal! with unique information about mermaids stored on it! " Mermaids swam freely in a peaceful time when the world was not destructive. The mermaids also had healing abilities , they used their hands to heal." A Beautiful crystal to own to connect to the energy of the Mermaids.


A channelling Crystal can be used to channel wisdom, guidance & information from our higher self, the angels, guides & our masters etc. This Crystal also has inclusions.


Record Keeper- are crystals that have sacred wisdom & universal knowledge stored on them from ancient civilization times.


Manifestation crystals-

A crystal with other crystals enclosed within, helps to unlock painful childhood memories, brings it to the full consciousness for healing, great for manifesting. Inner crystals can contain messages from your previous lifetimes to assist you on our journey.

Vibrates to the number 5


Measurements - W - 2.5cm L -4cm


All crystals have been lovingly cleansed and charged before they go to their new homes x

Channeling / Record keeper/Manifestation Crystal

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