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Handmade crystal pendant with tarnish free, hypoallergenic gold wire.


Smokey Quartz - A popular crystal with many healing energies, smokey is the perfect crystal for clearing negative energies and offers psychic protection.

Smokey quartz can be very grounding, can help to clear emotional blockages & stress, and help with grief and depression.

It acts as a protector against EMRs, balances the Yin & Yang energies & used to facilitate the alignment of the meridians of the physical body.

An amazing crystal.


Vibrates to the number 2


Double Pointed crystals for balance & equilibrium ,great for running up and down the hara line to release excess energy, balancing chakras and releasing cords.



S-  W- 4cm  L -2cm

Double pointed Smokey Quartz Pendant

SKU: 106
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