Not only is this clear quartz crystal a master generator - which are great to have in your home to balance the energy and promote happiness, health & harmony.

Can be used to assist in healing.

Perfect for energy healers.

But It also has a time link to the past (see diamond window to left) It helps one who is able to see past lives 2 to 3 generations back and perhaps more. A way of accessing past life information to use in the now. This crystal can also be used to work with the left hand side of the brain.


Clear Quartz - A very popular good all rounded crystal with many healing energies! Clear Quartz can be used for all conditions. Known as a stone of light, can be used for amplifying energy, programming, cleanse & clear one's energies & healing. Can be used on all the chakras. And much more!


Measurements - W - 3cm L - 6.5cm


Vibrates to the number 7


All crystals have been lovingly cleansed and charged before they go to their new homes x


Master Clear Qtz Generator- with time link past

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