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This solid Rose Quartz Generator also has some rainbow inclusions, a nice soft pink colour with a future time link!


Time link FUTURE

Helps one to facilitate access to sacred knowledge from the potential future which is the now. Great for working with the right hand side of the brain.


Generators draw in cosmic energy and amplify energy for healing. Great for meditation and for use in large group gatherings and healings .Generates energy to amplify health and happiness in the home. Generates energy for Mother Earth. Great for programming and cleansing chakras. Small generators can be just as powerful as the larger ones


Rose Quartz is known as the stone of LOVE it promotes healing of the heart, peace & compassion.Rose qtz vibrates to the number 7


Rainbow inclusions help one with transformation and personal healing. Helps with negativity and brings the constant awareness of love. Great for sadness and depression for it illuminates the darkness. Can be used to cleanse, activate and open all chakras.


H-9.5CM   W- 5CM


Rose qtz Generator with future time link

SKU: 100063
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