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Selenite Sphere 

Because of the shape of a sphere it sends energy in all directions They can be used as a  "window " for accessing or gazing into the past, present and future.

Have also been known to purify and fill the gaps of ones auric field.


Selenite balances all the chakras, aligns the hara line

Selenite is water soluble so do not rinse under water to cleanse.

Ascension crystal to assist transition into a new age.

Access angel consciousness. Brings clarity & peace.

Can be used to access past and future lives. Great for the spine - to place underneath your bed or treatment bed. Great for gridding .A wonderful crystal with lots of healing energies!


Vibrates to the number 8


Dimensions (rough) 7 to 8 cm

Selenite Sphere

SKU: 10004
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