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A very delicate piece for it is long and thin, excellent clear colour with interesting inclusions including rainbow!


Generators draw in cosmic energy and amplify energy for healing. Great for meditation and for use in large group gatherings and healings .Generates energy to amplify health and happiness in the home. Generates energy for Mother Earth. Great for programming and cleansing chakras. Small generators can be just as powerful as the larger ones. Generators vibrate to the number 7.


Smokey quartz can be very grounding, can help to clear emotional blockages & stress, and help with grief and depression.

It acts as a protector against EMRs, balances the Yin & Yang energies & used to facilitate the alignment of the meridians of the physical body.

An amazing crystal.

Vibrates to the number 2


H-20cm  W-3cm

Smokey A grade Generator

SKU: 100068
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